We raise 100% purebred Berkshire Hogs.

Our pork comes from happy hogs! Our hogs are rotated through multiple pastures on our 50 acre farm. Hogs are always kept together and a large part of their diet comes from forage. We believe in a happy environment and allowing the hogs to pick and choose a large portion of their diet creates the best tasting meat. Each hog spends time in a wooded environment, grass fields, and orchards to ensure maximum nutrient density and flavor.

The Berkshire breed is unique from other breeds in terms of meat characteristics and quality. Berkshire pork is the pork equivalent of Kobe Beef, and it has a rich flavored taste, deep coloring, and fine marbling which is akin to the highest grades of beef. We sell whole or half based on the the hanging weight, which is the weight of the carcass after the animal has been slaughtered. Normally our hogs are around 9-12 months old, and weigh 220 lb. This will yield a carcass of about 160 lbs, which is about 130 lbs of meat for you to purchase. You will need about 4-6 cubic feet of freezer space for a whole hog, but know that it can last some families up to a year.

All animals on our farm are humanely treated and slaughtered. Click here to learn about our practices and how we treat our animals.

If you’re looking for specific cuts of meat, pricing is as follows:







Please contact us at duncanfarmsllc@gmail.com if you’re interested in ordering! You can also use the form on our website located here.


For more information on whole hog orders see below:

We sell whole hogs for 6$/lb that you can have cut and packaged how you’d like. You can expect around 130-140 lbs of packaged pork per whole hog.

We sell half hogs for 7$/lb that you can have cut and packaged how you’d like. You can expect around 60-70 lbs of packaged pork per half hog.









This is what you should expect to take home from a full whole hog order:

  • Ham Roasts (Uncured, mostly sliced hams)
  • Pork Bellies & Bacon
  • Boston Butts
  • Tenderloin or many pork chops
  • Ground Sausage
  • Rib Racks (dependent on above cuts)

For more information please contact us at duncanfarmsllc@gmail.com