Local Relationships


Boyce Concepts: James Boyce

James Boyce is an experienced and innovative chef who offers unique tastes and flare to his restaurants. We supply him with local sustainable food. Some of his restaurants are: Cotton Row, Commence Kitchen, Pane E Vino located here in Huntsville, Al and Garden and Galley located in Birmingham, Al. I have to say, I go crazy for his fried green tomatoes! An Alabama favorite.



Manic Organic Food Truck

Manic Organic is a farm to food truck. Jeremiah and his wife, Heather make the whole menu from scratch and source from local sustainable farms. We supply mostly meat and egg products, but on sunny summer days you can find Jeremiah out at Duncan Farms harvesting his own herbs and vegetables for his next upcoming meals. My recommendation? Their fresh made omelettes! Be sure to check out their Facebook page! 




Irons Distillery

We are fortunate enough to have a relationship with the folks at Irons Distillery that allows us to get very high end mashed corn, used in the distilling process, as an extra treat for our hogs. We’re happy to take this product, which would normally be thrown away, and use it as a feed additive that our pigs go crazy for!

Visit him at Lowe Mill to check out some amazing local whiskey!