Introducing our new CSA program!

Our new CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, program is now available!

Signup for our CSA and every two weeks you’ll get a selection of fresh food, right to your door! The cost is $40 and you’ll get a bi-weekly delivery of the below combinations:

1-2 Dozen Eggs
Honey (Seasonal)
Jams (Seasonal)
A protein (either cuts of Pork or a whole Chicken, enough to feed a family)
Various fruits/vegetables (seasonal)

We take pride in providing our CSA members with a great deal, and more product than they’d get for $40 at our normal pricing. We’re able to offer this benefit because of the reliability that a CSA program provides our small farm. We know that you’re going to need produce, and when you’re going to need it!

If you’d like more information please contact us┬áto ensure we deliver to your area.